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Now an old photo... I don't look like this anymore!

About these lists...

Thanks for looking. These wantlists are primarily intended for members of Old Baseball Cards (OBC). I’ve been reminded often that they are “tough”, so any card is appreciated. I aim to keep this simple and fun, and I do not worry too much about condition … any condition is okay! You can always upgrade later! If your collection requires tip-top condition with razor sharp corners, etc., this is not the place for you.  I tend to have about 10,000 cards for trade from the 50s, 60s and 70s eras, mostly in lower condition ranges (VG-ish at best).

About moi...

Still reading? Okay,so who am I? I am a middle aged health professional who is a long time collector of sports “stuff”. I have an interest in just about anything sports related .... sports cards, autographs, figurines, bobbin' heads, and such. Having grown up in suburban Boston, you can guess where my sports allegiances lie. When not consumed by work or this hobby, I work at staying fit. I am an avid cyclist and runner (23 marathons and no longer counting). Although my race times continue to grow proportionally with my age, I’m still out there plugging away. Dogs (particularly Golden Retrievers) occupy a space very close to my heart, and we are lucky to have Billy Chapel (AKA Wild Bill) and Junebug, two of the best friends on Earth! I have vowed to never forget my previous best friends.

If you’d like to try to swing a trade, please take a look! Thanks, Don

Contact me:  dkrice


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