After nearly four-plus decades of hauling a box of old family license plates from house to house, they finally found a final resting place on my garage wall. A match has been lit! My hope is to fill an entire wall with license plates, any licenses, from anywhere, any time, any condition. So if you have a plate or two gathering dust in your basement, attic, garage, or a forgotten drawer... I'd be thrilled to give it a final home. Duplicates are welcome!Thanks!

OBCers who have "answered the call" for license plates. Thank you!!

Marshall West - Utah
Bob D'Angelo - Florida
Geno Wagner - Colorado
Doug DeJong - Kansas (OBC!), Missouri, Ohio & Texas
James Moleta - Georgia x6
Jimi Thayer - Ohio x2 (Indians vanity plates)
Dan Angland - Florida; New York, & NY Commercial;
New Hampshire x6 (1956-62 Repair Truck plates, Tipton Mint!!!!!!)Larry (Guru) Tipton - Oklahoma & Florida
Greg (Yaz) Conway - Indiana x8
Dave Luciano - Ohio Historical & Ohio '96
Joel Freedman - (I need to start calling him "Tin Man") Massachusetts! Aruba!!
New Hampshire & Rhode Island. Vermont & Arkansas (Celtics plate!).
Connecticut, Florida, & Maine ... and MORE
Mike Glasser - Switzerland (Bern)
T.J. Valacak - Illinois x2
Randy Welk - Alaska
Joe Adriance - Maryland
Jake Elwell - Vermont and a bunch MORE!
Steve Sankner - Pennsylvania & New Jersey; New Jersey x2
Ron Hoehne - 1981 Connecticut
Brian Lindholme - Oregon, Washington, Vermont (truck)

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